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Alantus aims at being recognized globally as a leading manufacturer, marketer and supplier of pharmaceutical products for healthcare industry.

Quality first......

Alantus Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd is dedicated to all aspects of healthcare in providing safe, effective, affordable products to sustain and save lives. We are marketers and suppliers of pharmaceutical products and quality is the first priority at Alantus. Our client list includes government, non- government, private institutions and we aim to ensure at most customer satisfaction by offering quality products at affordable rates. Alantus is a fasting growing pharmaceutical organisation built by committed and creative hardcore professionals. Innovation, improvisation and integrity is the way of life at Alantus, through which we have set a benchmark for us in the pharmaceutical industry.
Close working partnership with 10 WHO-GMP approved manufacturers across India.

Our Mission

Provide quality medicine and services at affordable rates.Some of our quality and safety system:

No compromise on quality. 

Continuous evaluation of the systems in order to maintain quality standards.  

Maintain strict storage conditions and insist on the same from our suppliers and user institutions.

Have developed processes and procedures for the timely and accurate monitoring of the safety profiles of our marketed products.  

Our wide range of products are of the following categories

Tablet Section

A tablet is a pharmaceutical dosage form. It comprises a mixture of active substances and excipients, usually in powder form, pressed or compacted from a powder into a solid dose.

Capsule Section

In the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, encapsulation refers to a range of dosage forms techniques used to enclose medicines in a relatively stable shell known as a capsule

Dry Syrup Section

Dry powders for oral suspension are powder mixtures that require the addition of water at the time of dispensing and are mostly for paediatric use. These are called dry syrups or reconstitutable oral suspensions.

Liquid Syrup Section

Syrup a concentrated solution of a sugar, such as sucrose, in water or other aqueous liquid, sometimes with a medicinal agent added; usually used as a flavoured vehicle for drugs.

Injectable Section

An injection is an infusion method of putting fluid into the body, usually with a syringe and a hollow needle which is pierced through the skin to a sufficient depth for the material to be administered into the body.